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We know there is too much sadness in the world and we're dedicated to change that!

With each wallpaper we want to give you a reason to smile and look at the bright side of things

and if we manage to do that, we believe we've made the world a better place!


Life is amazing and we should be happy to be part of it!


Let this site be your safe harbour - a place where you can take a break from daily problems
and just relax for a moment. If we can make you smile even once while looking at our walls
that means we're doing something right :]



Each wallpaper is created with only one thing in mind - you.

We use promotional material from movies to create them and each wallpaper
is hand-made into 5 different resolutions to fit perfectly any device you own!

We cover widescreen monitors (16:9 and 16:10), square monitors (4:3),
rotatable tablets (iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab) and all mobile phones!

wallpapers resolutions
But that's not all!


If you have a dualscreen setup with multiple monitors - we got you covered as well!

Click on the image below or go to Gallery Dual Screen to check them out.

dualscreen-wallpapers-hd-for-multiple monitors


Here is an example for each resolution the dualscreens wallpapers are offered in:


5120x1600              4693x1600              3200x1600


All wallpapers including dual screen ones are in perfect quality.

You will not find better looking wallpapers anywhere - not only do they fit perfectly all devices

but they also have no grain, no imperfections and are crystal-clear.

Can't see your screen resolution? Drop us a line to add it!

You deserve the best and you shouldn't settle for anything less!



The main focus of our wallpapers is on animated movies but you can find many others -
superhero movies (Marvel, DC), nature movies and others.

We have also partnered up with some wonderful artists and you can see their fan artworks here
made into beautiful wallpapers that hold on to our standards.


Our wallpapers are always family-safe.

If you register you can use them within your household and everyone can enjoy them -
from the youngest children to those who are children at heart :]


You can also get a gift account for a friend or loved one

for any occasion or just to bring them a smile.

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If you want to:


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  Have a smile on all your devices and top-quality unique wallpapers on them


  Bring some colour into your life, have fun and share it with your family


  Relive your childhood memories with your favorite movies and pass them on to your children


  Pick a wonderful and lasting gift for someone special

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