How can I use these wallpapers on my desktop?

Choose the right resolution for your screen (usually detected automatically), right-click and select
"Set as Desktop Background".
Alternatively, you can save it locally. In that case:

1) just right-click on it and select "Set as desktop background" or

2) open the file with any image program and use its 'set as wallpaper' option.

I have a mobile phone, a tablet (touch device) so no right click, you know...
Just tab on the picture continuously select "Set as Wallpaper/Background".

If that option isn't there just save the picture, then open it and adjust your wallpaper as you please.
If your resolution is not supported entirely choose the closest one or send us a tip to inlcude it.

*There might be a problem with Firefox on some mobile phones (Samsung Galaxy S4) so to get perfect quality
if you're using it a workaround is to use the normal browser to download or just download them on your PC or Mac
and then put them on your phone (via cable, mail, bluetooth etc).


I selected my mobile brand and model but the image doesn't look good. What's wrong?
Check if the wall you want is free or not because members-only walls appear in low quality to guests.

 If the wallpaper is free or you are a member and it still doesn't look good
it might be because you need a wider (Parallax) version, this depends on the operating system.

In that case choose Brand: Android Parallax and select the 960x800 option.
Few mobile phones still use wide wallpapers but if there's a problem
try with the Parallax version, a widescreen resolution or drop us a line.


I'm using IE (below version 9.5) and the site looks wacky, what do I do?
We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for better experience with our site.
Or simply update your IE to the latest version.

My resolution is not detected automatically, help?
It may be because you have the page zoomed a bit (it messes up the script).
Just return to original size (press Ctrl + 0 in Firefox or Chrome) and it should work.
Or you're using a resolution we don't have yet, tell us about it and we'll include it.

My Favorite movie is not here and it's great! Can you add it?
We'll do our best to deliver for you, just drop us an e-mail to tell us about it.
(if possible, please include a link to IMDb)


Can I sell the wallpapers here or use them for commercial purposes?
Absolutely not. The wallpapers are provided to you for your personal use only.
You may not share them online, redistribute or sell them in any way. You can not modify them either.
Read the Terms of Use if you need more details.



I forgot my password, what do I do?
Just click "Forgot your password?" in the Login section and we'll reset it for you.

I want to share the wallpapers online with my friends, is that allowed?
No. Please don't share the members-only wallpapers since they are for your personal use only.
You can use them on any of the devices in your household but no further please.
Please use the social buttons instead - that way your friends can see what you like.

How about sharing them with my family?
No problem, you can share the wallpapers with your closest family members (that are within your household)
but if the walls end up on the internet you will have to take responsibility.

Anything else I should know?
Yes, as a member of the site your requests are treated with priority.
Let us know what you want to see and we will do our best to bring it to you!

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How do I keep track of new wallpapers?
We do our best to post about each new wallpaper on our social accounts
and you can follow us on your favorite network:




To make sure you don't miss a single thing - add a live bookmark with our RSS feed:



The wallpapers are horrible and pixelised, what's going on here?
High-quality wallpapers are reserved for registered users.
We also have free wallpapers - they are at maximum quality and it's how the members see all wallpapers.
You can find them pretty easily - just look for the movies with a ribbon that says "Free!" and look inside.
Want to know why our wallpapers are the best? Click here or read about us.



Why is there a subscription fee, I thought these walls are free?
We create all the wallpapers by hand in many different resolutions.
This takes a lot of time and effort because we try to make each wallpaper perfect to fit your needs.
There are also server costs to cover among other things.
The subscription allows you to enjoy perfect quality walls for a whole year at the cost of 1-2 coffee cups or 1 movie ticket.
Remember, if you're not buying you're the product being sold ;]


Even though you're not a member you can still join our Referral program. See how here.

I won't subscribe but I'd like to help the site, is that possible?
Yes and thank you! We would very much appreciate your support!
You can share the previews of most stuff here (including individual wallpapers)
on your favorite network, only one click away.

Sharing is caring - spread the word!


Can I post the free wallpapers on my site?
Yes, but please contact us first. You cannot exceed a certain number.