Here is where all changes will be kept
and new features announced :]

If you can think of an improvement please send us an e-mail.

Renamed the Dualscreeen resolution categories so it's simpler to understand.
The 2x Square monitors resolution is kept as an option because some of the older wallpapers have that version.
I marked it as "(inactive)" so people don't get confused when setting a default resolution in their profile preferences :]

New naming:

Old naming:

2020-01-20: New and bigger mobile resolutions for slimmer phones (the majority of today's phones are using that).
Also cleaned up the Mobile devices list a bit, reduced the entries. If your resolution or model is not listed - let us know please.
Added the "Any Phone" option if your model is missing @ 1688x3000 resolution.

2019-04-24: We migrated to a new server for extra speed and SSD drives!
If you encounter a bug please let us know.

2019-02-15: Mobile resolutions cleanup and new phone models added.
If there's something missing please let us know and we'll add it :]

2017-08-27: 2560x1600 and 2560x1440 are no longer members-only resolutions.
Guests - you can enjoy the free wallpapers in the 2 resolutions too.
HD quality on the other walls is exclusive to registered users only.

2017-03-03: We reached
2000+ wallpapers!
We also updated the Terms of Use.

2016-10-30: Removed the 4:3 + 4:3 dualscreen source because it's obsolete.
Nobody uses 2 square monitors anymore, old walls will keep this source.
First wall without it - Gravity_Falls_d01 :]

2016-10-10: 2880x1800 and 2880x1620 members-only resolutions are now live.
Upgraded most wallpapers and only very old wallpapers will be upscaled.

Upgrade 2015-2016:

We added a Random Movie button:

Just click it in the navigation and a random movie from the gallery will be displayed.
Perfect for looking around or to find a movie you don't know about ;]

Tags are now active and you can search for them in the search box.
Here is how the tags look like on any movie page that has them and they are clickable:
Clicking it will perform a search for all movies containing that tag :]
A movie can have multiple tags and one is enough to show in the search.

The footer picture, which we will change now and then. It will point to different things:

There are now 4 random movie suggestions after the wallpapers on the movie page
so you can explore the site more easily and discover things you otherwise won't (plus they look cool) :]

We have a custom #404 not found page now :] It will redirect you to home if you lose your way.
Wanna see it? Just type - it will be fun!

The Gallery button will lead to all movies we have by default for easy listing.
For anything else there are always the A-Z and 0-1 navigation.

Members-only features:

Download cart now works with mobile phone resolutions so you can add them in bulk!

You can choose a default resolution (including mobile phone resolutions!) for all wallpapers
and dualscreens too! This will overwrite the script detector so you're in complete control:

You now have the option to have the mobile resolution wallpapers download directly on your phone
without previewing to save you a few taps:
Direct wallpaper download to your mobile phone
You can login using your username and pass OR your e-mail as username.

Added a Select all / Deselect all button to add walls to cart more easily:

Members now see a special tip in their profile page for new things / news and other useful stuff.
You also have a different home page now with more relevant info and with NO ads of any kind.

We also improved a lot of things internally (and in the backend) and fixed a few bugs :]